The Ferrical® Diet Supplement. A Product of Cuba’s and the World’s

Liliam Lee Hernández

One of the most recurrent nutrition-origin diseases in humans worldwide is anemia caused by lack of iron, an ailment that pounds all systems of the human body. The implications of ferrous-deprived anemia on human health prompted a team of researchers at the LABIOFAM Entrepreneurial Group to get involved in the quest for a diet supplement capable of counteract these negative effects.

As the man at the helm of this team, Dr. Cesar Garcia Caceres welcomes with open arms the fact that following two decades of studies, a product called Ferrical® -already registered- can now be sold in drugstores across the country as collaboration agreements with other nations for the exportation of this product are being implemented right now.

“We always believed this work wouldn’t be complete as long as it could meet this objective. That’s the reason why we spent so many years in search of the best and most efficient formulation that could raise hemoglobin count in blood. The fact that the Cuban people can now have access to this product is no doubt our greatest satisfaction.”

According to the expert, “anemia caused by lack of nutritional facts in the diet is suffered by millions of people all around the world and today it continues to be a serious health problem.”

Back in the 1980s, Dr. Caceres, who collaborates with meat-processing plants, assessed the possibility of using beef and horse meat by products as raw materials for possible pharmaceutical orientation. From that moment onward –that marked the beginning of this research project- the diet supplement has been dramatically enriched thanks to clinical and preclinical studies conducted on it.

On the other hand, attendance to national and international events has allowed countless experts to recognize the nutritional values of this all-Cuban product.

Main Properties
Ferrical® does not cause intolerance or resistance. Furthermore, it helps the metabolizing of minerals which are part of a daily diet intake, and for Dr. Caceres its most outstanding feature is its being a natural and organic product that both nourishes and minimizes the negative effects of anemia caused by lack of iron in the body.

Moreover —he adds— “up to this moment we have reported no adverse reactions whatsoever caused by consumption of it. Unlike ferrous fumarate, this product does not bring down zinc levels in blood, something that makes it very convenient for use in pregnant women.”

This hydrolyzing combination of proteins, bee honey and several substances that act as preservatives, has been targeted in Ph D thesis works and papers in different scientific categories. The upshots bear out that Ferrical® raises levels of hemoglobin, hematocrits and the body’s iron stocks.  

Is there any similar Cuban-made product?
“For over 25 years we’ve been developing Ferrical® -Dr. Caceres goes on to say- we’ve had no reference of a similar product in terms of efficiency. There could be others made out of inorganic raw materials obtained with the help of other technologies, but I believe none of those have been subjected to such a rigorous study as Ferrical®.

“In 1992, it was registered for the first time. Then we’ve been updating it on a regular basis, as mandated by authorities from Cuba’s Ministry of Healthcare.

“We have corroborated that in the case of lesser or less complicated surgeries, in patients showing acceptable hemoglobin levels the adequate administration of Ferrical® spared them from a blood transfusion.”

For Cuba and the World
The LABIOFAM Entrepreneurial Group is implementing a strategy aimed at putting this product in the hands of those who need them, I mean, all these products that are the result of multiple and diverse research lines.

Several countries, especially from Africa, showed interest, within the framework of the LABIOFAM 2011 International Congress, in acquiring the diet supplement, bearing in mind that malaria –a disease that every year kills millions of people in that world region- is closely linked to low hemoglobin levels in blood.

Technology transfer will also make people reach out to this diet supplement, an objective that can only be met thanks to the motivation to provide healthcare and wellbeing to all of our peers.

"...this product does not bring down zinc levels in blood, something that makes it very convenient for use in pregnant women.”
"...this product does not bring down zinc levels in blood, something that makes it very convenient for use in pregnant women.”